CHROMABOND WAX for PFAS from water, soil and sediments
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Solutions for PFAS HPLC analysis – NUCLEODUR PFAS and PFAS Delay

Solutions for PFAS analysis

Per- and polyfluororalkyl substances (PFAS) – Consumables for the analysis
PFAS - analytical detection of a potential hazard
PFAS determination in various food types to support food safety (FDA Method C-010.01)
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Enrichment and determination of PFAS from drinking water by using SPE and LC-MS/MS
Special HPLC delay column for PFAS analysis from MACHEREY-NAGEL
Special HPLC columns for PFAS analysis from MACHEREY-NAGEL
Due to their wide range of application as additives e.g. in fire-fighting foam, fiber and textile coating, food packaging, e. g. pizza cartons or paper cups, PFAS do not only end up in water bodies but also in sediments or also into the food chain. Therefore, monitoring is important.
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