For the enrichment of acids from aqueous matrices anion exchange adsorbents are common. This also applies for the enrichment of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) which are a group of more than 4700 persistent and bioaccumulative man-made compounds. Most PFAS contain either a sulfonic or carboxylic acid functionality.

Due to their adverse health effects, some of them have already been banned or are under investigation and therefore the development of optimized methods as well as the monitoring of these compounds is essential.

CHROMABOND(R) WAX was especially developed for the enrichment of short-chain PFAS from water, soil and sediments. It´s properties e.g. high ion exchange capacity, excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility and very low blank value levels make this polymeric anion exchanger ideal for use in many official methods e.g. EPA 533 and Draft 1633 as well as ISO 21675:2019.


Find more details in our latest product flyer and application notes 11/202212/2022.