In the period from October 1st to December 31st, various products can be obtained in a stock clearance sale from us at manufacturer's price.
Redesigned product flyer for aluminum sheets used in thin layer chromatography (TLC / HPTLC)
To get reliable analysis data, the sealing process of the sample vials needs to be reproducible. This is difficult to achieve with manual crimpers. Learn more about our range of electronic crimping tools that solve inconsistencies in crimp results.
Special HPLC delay column for PFAS analysis from MACHEREY-NAGEL
At a time when COVID is the all-dominant topic, many other societal issues have taken a bit of a back seat in the public consciousness and in the media. One of these is drug abuse and the rising number of drug related deaths in the western economies.
Special HPLC columns for PFAS analysis from MACHEREY-NAGEL

International Beer Day 2021

HPLC analysis of hop ingredients
UHPLC analysis of doping agents
Find the right SPE phase for solid phase extraction more easily.
What sounds like an unequal David - Goliath battle may be the key to a new therapeutic approach in the fight against COVID-19 disease.
2-deoxy-D-glucose is a glucose molecule in which the hydroxyl group in the 2 position has been replaced by hydrogen.
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