NUCLEODUR PFAS Delay - special HPLC column for the analysis of per-/ polyfluoroalkyl substances

Special HPLC delay column for the analysis of PFAS

PFAS compounds can be found in all of our environment as well as far from human living areas like the Arctic or the South Pole. Analytically very critical are PFAS substances that are present in your HPLC instrument (e.g. in tubings, seals and coatings). These PFAS impurities can leach into the mobile phase solutions which can have a huge impact on PFAS sample concentrations.

We have updated our product portfolio for PFAS analysis:

NUCLEODUR PFAS Delay columns trap and therefor temporarily delay system-related PFAS contaminants, ensuring trace level analysis of PFAS in your samples.

See how this special HPLC delay column can impede PFAS substances
Download Application Note: PFAS analysis in water matrices via direct injection according to EPA 8327 (EN)


Learn more about the background and analysis of poly- / perfluorinated alkyl substances on our PFAS landing page.



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