Update: Certificates of CHROMAFIL syringe filters are now online available

The online availability of product documentation becomes more and more relevant. To provide the best service to our customers, the Certificates of Analysis (CoA) of CHROMAFIL® syringe filters are now available on our website. Now, each downloadable CoA also contains information about the minimum shelf-life.
You can quickly and easily access the CoA of CHROMAFIL® syringe filters in two ways:

Option 1: General website

1. Go to MN Chromatography homepage & Click on Chromatography service:

2. Choose Certificates of Analysis; type in the REF and LOT number; download PDF
Alternative: Enter www.mn-net.com/certificates in your browser; type in REF and LOT number; download PDF

Option 2: Product website

1. Go to the individual product website
2. Click on „Certificates of analysis“
3. Enter the relevant LOT number and download PDF