Vials with fused-in micro-inserts and writing patch

Single micro-inserts that can be used in different types of vials are often used in analysis for such small sample quantities. Combining vials and individual inserts as separate components is cost effective, however, filling of such small containers is unhandy and fraught with risk.

Firmly integrated or fused-in micro-inserts in clear and amber glass vials have the advantage of a ready-to-use unit that can easily and safely be filled due to the firm fixation of the insert. Afterwards the vial can directly be placed on the lab bench or in a tray/rack. Sample removal is carried out without any risk for the needle due to the reliable centering of the micro-insert. The risk of any contamination is always lower with ready-to-use sample containers in comparison to individual components that still need to be assembled in the lab.

In order to further facilitate the micro-sampling process, we now offer the clear screw neck vial N 9 (702007.0) and the clear crimp neck vial N 11 (702891.0) optionally also with a writing patch.