The determination of the sum of 20 PFAS from water by SPE and LC-MS/MS according to DIRECTIVE (EU) 2020/2184 is the latest application development in the area of PFAS analysis at MACHEREY-NAGEL.
CHROMABOND WAX for PFAS from water, soil and sediments
Updated: German Vials and caps brochure - Now available as download on our website
Solutions for PFAS HPLC analysis – NUCLEODUR PFAS and PFAS Delay

Solutions for PFAS analysis

Per- and polyfluororalkyl substances (PFAS) – Consumables for the analysis
PFAS - analytical detection of a potential hazard
PFAS determination in various food types to support food safety (FDA Method C-010.01)
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Enrichment and determination of PFAS from drinking water by using SPE and LC-MS/MS
Special HPLC delay column for PFAS analysis from MACHEREY-NAGEL
Special HPLC columns for PFAS analysis from MACHEREY-NAGEL
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