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Originally headspace analysis was only carried out with crimp neck vials due to the temperature reistance of the caps (aluminum with an appropriate septa type) and the gas tightness being expected by endusers to be the highest. However, with the success story of the CTC Combi PAL and identically constructed autosamplers that require magnetic caps for transportation, consumables startet to change.
The determination of the sum of 20 PFAS from water by SPE and LC-MS/MS according to DIRECTIVE (EU) 2020/2184 is the latest application development in the area of PFAS analysis at MACHEREY-NAGEL.
Now find your CoA of CHROMAFIL® syringe filters on the product detail page
Tutorial on how to find applications easy and fast
CHROMABOND WAX for PFAS from water, soil and sediments
Video on how to use the MN vials and caps website and its tools
Updated: German Vials and caps brochure - Now available as download on our website
Solutions for organic acid HPLC analysis - NUCLEODUR C18 OA
Solutions for PFAS HPLC analysis – NUCLEODUR PFAS and PFAS Delay

Solutions for PFAS analysis

Per- and polyfluororalkyl substances (PFAS) – Consumables for the analysis
The relevance of fragrances and their chemical analysis
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