NucleoBond Xtra Maxi kit for transfection-grade plasmid DNA

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740414.50 031010413001
Package unit 50 Preps
2nd generation of anion exchanger for fast purification of plasmid DNA more

2nd generation of anion exchanger for fast purification of plasmid DNA

Application Transfection-grade plasmid DNA isolation
Selling unit 10 Prep(s), 50 Prep(s), 100 Prep(s)
Target Plasmid DNA
CE certified No, research use only
Technology Anion exchange chromatography
Brand NucleoBond
Format Maxi prep
Handling Gravity flow
Lysate clarification Column filter
Automated use No
Sample material Bacteria, E. coli
Sample amount < 600 mL (high copy), < 1200 mL (low copy)
Vector size < 300 kbp
Typical yield 1000 µg
Theoretical binding capacity 3000 µg
Typical purity A260/A280 1.8−1.95
Endotoxin level 1−10 EU/µg DNA
Isopropanol precipitation Centrifugation, NucleoBond Finalizer Large, NucleoSnap Finisher Maxi, NucleoSpin Finisher Midi
Preparation time 75 min/prep
Typical downstream application Cloning, PCR, Restriction analysis, Sequencing, Transfection of cells
Storage temperature 15–25 °C / 59–77 °F
Shelf life (from production) 39 Month(s)
Hazardous material Yes
Elution Buffer ELU Elution Buffer ELU
Content 600 mL
REF 740316.600
Lyophilized RNase A Lyophilized RNase A
Content 100 mg
REF 740505
Equilibration Buffer EQU Equilibration Buffer EQU
Content 1000 mL
REF 740317.1000
Lysis Buffer LYS Lysis Buffer LYS
Content 1000 mL
REF 740329.1000
Neutralization Buffer NEU Neutralization Buffer NEU
Content 1000 mL
REF 740348.1000
Resupension Buffer RES Resupension Buffer RES
Content 1000 mL
REF 740363.1000
Wash Buffer WASH Wash Buffer WASH
Content 1000 mL
REF 740375.1000
NucleoBond Xtra Buffer Set I NucleoBond Xtra Buffer Set I
Content 1 Set(s)
REF 740417