Literature: SPE phases overview

Find the right SPE phase for solid phase extraction more easily

In solid phase extraction (SPE), there is a wide range of stationary phases and many different formats (e.g., housing type, sizes / volumes, filling amounts / adsorbent amount, etc.) are available, so we have created a convenient way to find a suitable product based on the stationary phase.

The SPE phase overview helps you to find an alternative SPE phase from the MACHEREY-NAGEL product range for solid phase extraction.


Download: Overview SPE phases


After you have chosen the SPE phases based on the overview, you can select the product(s) on the category page using the user-friendly filter function. The filter function simplifies the selection of the specific phase and other specific product characteristics, such as fill quantity or column volume.

Access to CHROMABOND SPE columns category page

Access to CHROMABOND QuEChERS category page


Example of the filter function 

Filter selection: CHROMABOND SPE columns