A new printed version of the English "Vials and caps" brochure is now available. Ask for your personal copy or download the catalog from our website!
Updated: German Vials and caps brochure - Now available as download on our website
CHROMABOND QuEChERS mixes - suitable for many applications in food analysis
Product flyer for glass plates used in thin layer chromatography (TLC / HPTLC)
Redesigned product flyer for aluminum sheets used in thin layer chromatography (TLC / HPTLC)
Find the right SPE phase for solid phase extraction more easily.
MACHEREY-NAGEL – TLC for more than 5 decades
CHROMABOND SPE – Modern polymer phases selection guide
Polyamide and other purification media
CHROMAFIL - disposable syringe filters from the chromatography specialist
Are you looking for high quality consumables for Waters® autosamplers, like the Alliance® or the ACQUITY™ UPLC Systems?
Please check this flyer for suitable vials and caps that also include bonded screw closures N 9 or vials with integrated inserts. Appropriate cross references to the Waters® products can be found at the end of the flyer; an overview on autosampler compatibility is listed directly in the beginning.
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