New product- QUANTOFIX Total Chlorine Sensitive 1

Easy Total Chlorine Check for drinking water

Total chlorine is the sum of free and bonded chlorine. It is used as a highly effective disinfectant, e.g. in drinking water treatment and swimming pool water.
Due to the toxicity of chlorine, harmful organisms are eliminated on the one hand, but on the other hand chlorine is also toxic for the human organism. Therefore, the limit value in drinking water must be strictly controlled.

The gradation of QUANTOFIX Total Chlorine Sensitive 1 of 0 • 0.01 • 0.05 • 0.1 • 0.2 • 0.4 • 0.8 mg/L Cl₂ allows reliable determination of very low total chlorine concentrations - in this concentration range, liquid reagents with photometers are otherwise frequently used. A hole in the plastic carrier allows the sample to flow through the test field, increasing the sensitivity significantly.

The easy procedure is very similar to free Chlorine testing, see video here

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