New product - QUANTOFIX Copper Sensitive 5

High sensitive test strip

QUANTOFIX Copper Sensitive 5

Measuring range  0.1 – 5.0 mg/L (ppm) Cu+/2+ (visual)

PK of 25 strips


Copper is a heavy metal. In high concentrations, it has a cytotoxic effect. Copper ions pass into tap and fresh water for example through newly installed copper tubing.

QUANTOFIX Copper Sensitive 5 test strips allow the reliable determination of copper concentrations in the range 0.1-5.0 mg/L (ppm). They can be used to check the drinking water limit of 2 mg/L (ppm). In this range, many users currently use photometric methods that require a significantly higher effort.

Chemical laymen can also easily perform the test. Accessories or a calibration are not needed.

The high sensitivity is achieved by a hole in the plastic carrier that allows the water to migrate through the test pad.

Gradation: 0 • 0.1 • 0.5 • 1.0 • 2.0 • 5.0 mg/L Cu+/2+

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