Check out our comparative study for pH test strips! pH-Fix 0-14 product (REF 92110) from MN emerged as the clear winner.
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The exhibition halls are opening their doors again and we are very happy to be an exhibitor at the IFAT 2022 in Munich this May.
After this long break, we would like to present our latest product highlights to you personally at our booth.
SARS-CoV-2 qPCR analysis from wastewater is a new, innovative method to monitor virus-related outbreaks in communities. Our partner, DyeNA Genetics GmbH, has established a sensitive, reliable and time-saving workflow based on our NucleoSpin RNA Virus Purification Kit.
he NANOCOLOR Finder quickly and easily provides the MN alternative to HACH LCK tube tests. Simply enter the "LCK" number of HACH and start the search. The result is...
High-precision measurement technology at schools thanks to MACHEREY-NAGEL

Sampling for test strips

This video shows best practice for sampling prior to strip testing.
Sampling is often undervalued but the most critical part in the analytical process. In general, sampling error is the biggest....
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In this video we demonstrate the use of the QUANTOFIX Relax strip reader for the evaluation of pH-Fix test strips

In this video we present various pH test strips to determine the pH of your sample.
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Easy Total Chlorine Check for drinking water
Test strips for high sensitive semi-quantitative determination of copper
In this video, we demonstrate the performance of the semi-quantitative test strip QUANTOFIX Chlorine Sensitive 1