NucleoMag RNA Blood for RNA Isolation from blood

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Package unit 384 Preps
The NucleoMag RNA Blood Kit is intended for the purification of RNA from whole blood samples... more

The NucleoMag RNA Blood Kit is intended for the purification of RNA from whole blood samples collected in EDTA / Citrate blood collection tubes or in SARSTEDT® S-Monovette RNA Exact, Zymo DNA/RNA Shield™ Blood Tubes, or Tempus™ RNA Blood Tubes. With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, this kit eliminates the need for reagent removal and pelleting*, ensuring smooth processing. The purified RNA obtained from this kit is suitable for a range of downstream applications including RT-PCR and sequencing. The kit can be used either manually or automated on standard liquid handling instruments or automated magnetic separators. Included in the kit are essential components such as NucleoMag B-Beads, Buffers, Liquid Proteinase K, and RNase-free rDNase, ensuring reliable and high-quality RNA extraction. Note: Blood collection and stabilization tubes are not provided and must be purchased separately. *Processing of EDTA / Citrate or Tempus RNA Blood Tubes necessitates additional equipment and buffers as detailed in the user manual for comprehensive guidance.

Application Isolation of RNA from whole blood
Selling unit 96 Prep(s), 384 Prep(s)
Target RNA
CE certified No, research use only
Brand NucleoMag
Format Magnetic beads
Handling Magnetic separation
Automated use Yes
Automation support Compatible with most open robotic platforms. Please visit or consult our technical support for further information.
Sample material Whole blood collected in SARSTEDT S-Monovette® RNA Exact, Zymo DNA/RNA Shield Blood Tubes, Tempus RNA Blood Tubes, or EDTA / Citrate blood collection tubes
Sample amount 9 mL of stabilized blood from Tempus™ Blood RNA Tube (corresponds to 3 mL whole blood), 260 µL EDTA / Citrate blood, 820 µL of stabilized blood from SARSTEDT S-Monovette® RNA Exact (corresponds to approx. 200 µL whole blood), 820 µL stabilized blood from Zymo Research DNA/RNA Shield™ Blood Collection Tube (corresponds to approx. 270 µL whole blood)
Fragment size > 200 nt
Typical yield 3-4 µg (strongly depends on sample quality and health status of donor)
Theoretical binding capacity 0.4 µg/µL beads
Typical RIN ≥ 6-10 (strongly depends on sample storage and quality)
Elution volume 50–100 µL
Preparation time Approx. 90 min for automated protocol, Approx. 120 min for manual protocol
Typical downstream application cDNA library construction, Microarray spotting, Next Generation Sequencing, NGS, other enzymatic reactions, qPCR, RNA-Seq, RT−PCR
Storage temperature 15–25 °C / 59–77 °F
Shelf life (from production) 24 Month(s)
Hazardous material Yes
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