Online feature: VialFinder is updated and upgraded - now select from up to 60 suppliers!

Update of our VialFinder is online!

Are you in need to change your current vials and caps supplier due to quality, price or delivery issues? Make an easy changeover to vials and caps from MACHEREY-NAGEL by using our VialFinder - a database driven tool on our website that can help you with the translation of cross references of vials and caps products from suppliers from all over the world. This powerful and easy-to-use tool has been updated, so that you now find cross references from almost 60 suppliers worldwide (instrument companies and consumables suppliers).

Finding instead of researching:

  • Powerful and easy-to-use search function for part numbers of vials and caps products
  • 1:1 matches shown in bold, alternative products (with comparable function and suitability for the intended purpose) in normal letters
  • Clear presentation of the results: different options of MN separated by a line; links on the indicated MN REFs lead to their product detail page in a separate window
  • In case of several search results to one cross reference the closest matching product ranks first


Just enter the item number you want to translate either with or without selecting the appropriate supplier.
The VialFinder will show you all options from MACHEREY-NAGEL of which you can ask for cost-free samples.