Online feature: CHROMAFIL Finder

CHROMAFIL – Ideal for GC, HPLC and UHPLC sample filtration

By  using CHROMAFIL syringe filters unwanted particles are removed which can otherwise cause contamination and clogging of sensitive instrumentation. So, filtering your samples leads to an increase of lifetime and less downtime of chromatographic columns and equipment, gives more consistent and reproducible results and thereby saves time and money.


  • Different membrane types to meet multiple filtration needs
  • Low content of extractable compounds
  • Fast flow geometry for easy filtration
  • Low hold-up volume for maximum filtrate recovery
  • Designed to be compatible for the use on all common automated filtration systems, e.g., SOTAX® dissolution systems


Your benefits when using CHROMAFIL syringe filters

  • Protection of sensitive instrumentation
  • Less system downtime and increased column lifetime
  • Reproducible and reliable analytical results


Using the CHROMAFIL Finder is very easy. Just select a previously used "manufacturer" and enter the previously used "item number". The CHROMAFIL Finder will show you the suitable syringe filter from MACHEREY-NAGEL.