Online feature: Background and analysis of poly- / perfluorinated alkyl substances on PFAS landing page

What you need to know about PFAS and PFAS analysis

The technological progress is sometimes an origin of substances that can have negative effects on the environment years after their introduction into the market.
The associated pollution of the environment has an impact on a good and healthy life for all living beings, including humans.
These include the so-called "forever chemicals", the poly- / perfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS).

Also from the regulatory point of view, PFAS are getting more and more relevant. First national and international norms like DIN 38407-42 and EPA 537.1 and 533 have already been established.

You may not have heard about PFAS. Don’t worry. We provide you with background information about:

  • how relevant these chemical compounds are in daily life
  • how MACHEREY-NAGEL chromatography products are able to assist you with monitoring PFAS in various matrices
  • MACHEREY-NAGEL`s latest development in solid phase extraction for PFAS enrichment - the CHROMABOND PFAS SPE column.


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