Determination of organic acids in white wine - Chardonnay

Chardonnay is a type of green skinned grape that is commonly used in the production of white wine. It is also an important component of sparkling wines such as Champagne.

Organic acids in wine are essential for flavor and aroma. We determined the organic acids in various wines by testing with high performance liquid chromatography. In the following application you can see the results of determining organic acids in Chardonnay on our NUCLEODUR C18 Gravity-SB column.

Access to application: Determination of organic acids in white wine

NUCLEODUR C18 Gravity-SB is a hydrophobic C18 phase with distinct polar selectivity for better retention of early eluting substances. This HPLC Phase is made of high purity NUCLEODUR HPLC silica gel and shows excellent performance under highly aqueous conditions.

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