Product flyer for glass plates used in thin layer chromatography (TLC / HPTLC)
Redesigned product flyer for aluminum sheets used in thin layer chromatography (TLC / HPTLC)
Find the right SPE phase for solid phase extraction more easily.
MACHEREY-NAGEL – TLC for more than 5 decades
CHROMABOND SPE – Modern polymer phases selection guide
Polyamide and other purification media
CHROMAFIL - disposable syringe filters from the chromatography specialist
Are you looking for high quality consumables for Waters® autosamplers, like the Alliance® or the ACQUITY™ UPLC Systems?
Please check this flyer for suitable vials and caps that also include bonded screw closures N 9 or vials with integrated inserts. Appropriate cross references to the Waters® products can be found at the end of the flyer; an overview on autosampler compatibility is listed directly in the beginning.
Brochure about modern solid phase extraction phases
The NUCLEODUR and NUCLEOSHELL brochure "Modern HPLC phases" is available online and also as the printed version!
We are very pleased to inform you about our brochure for cannabis testing. Cannabis and hemp products are a fast growing market worldwide.