NucleoMag RNA on the HAMILTON NIMBUS Presto

Our new application note for NucleoMag® RNA on the HAMILTON NIMBUS Presto is available on our webpage now.

A wide variety of research laboratories routinely perform RNA purification from cells or tissue specimens. The purified RNA is the basis for genome-wide transcriptome studies, providing many insights, such as gene expression networks or cross-cancer gene signatures. Thereby, RNA downstream analyses place very high demands on the purified nucleic acids in terms of purity and integrity. To meet these requirements, MACHEREY-NAGEL has developed the NucleoMag® RNA kit. This magnetic bead-based kit is scalable and was developed for high-throughput processing in a 96-well format.

As purification of RNA from large numbers of samples represents a serious bottleneck in sample processing, MACHEREY-NAGEL and Hamilton have joined forces to provide a flexible automated solution for the purification of RNA from cells and tissue on the Hamilton NIMBUS Presto workstation.

In this Application Note, we demonstrate the advantages over standard nucleic acid purification procedures with the powerful combination of the NucleoMag® RNA technology and the Hamilton NIMBUS® Presto:

Proven NucleoMag® lysis and purification procedure for highest demands
Automated plate prefilling and plate handling by the Hamilton NIMBUS liquid handling systemnHigh-speed RNA purification by the integrated KingFisher™ Presto instrument

Purification of ready-to-use RNA, suitable for all common downstream applications (e.g., RT-qPCR, RNA-Seq, microarrays)

We have established further high-performance applications for reliable recovery from various sample materials and here you may find all new and readily available application notes for the processing of MACHEREY-NAGEL Kits on the HAMILTON NIMBUS Presto platform.


Tags: Automation, RNA