NucleoMag DNA Microbiome on the HAMILTON NIMBUS Presto

Our new application note for NucleoMag® DNA Microbiome on the HAMILTON NIMBUS Presto is available on our webpage now.

One of the most important procedures in microbiome and metagenomics research is the extraction of high-quality DNA, representative of all species present in a sample.
MACHEREY-NAGEL NucleoMag® DNA Microbiome kit enables high-throughput, automation-friendly isolation of microbial DNA from samples typically used for microbiome analysis, including soil, stool and biofilm.

In this Application Note, we demonstrate the advantages of automated DNA purification from microbial communities using the NucleoMag® DNA Microbiome on the Hamilton NIMBUS Presto platform. The procedure combines mechanical ceramic bead-based sample homogenization (MN Bead Tubes Type A or MN 96 Bead Plate Type A) with the fully automated DNA isolation to conveniently achieve unbiased lysis and highest DNA yield.

The powerful combination of the NucleoMag technology and the NIMBUS Presto workstation has several advantages over standard nucleic acid purification procedures:

Save hands-on time by using automated plate-prefilling and plate-handling performed by the NIMBUS workstation.
Benefit from the high-speed extraction procedure of the integrated KingFisher™ Presto unit.

We have established further high-performance applications for reliable recovery from various sample materials and here you may find all new and readily available application notes for the processing of MACHEREY-NAGEL Kits on the HAMILTON NIMBUS Presto platform.