NucleoMag DNA FFPE on the HAMILTON NIMBUS Presto

Our new application note for NucleoMag® DNA FFPE on the HAMILTON NIMBUS Presto is available on our webpage now.

Clinical samples can be preserved in formaldehyde, embedded in paraffin wax, and stored at room temperature for decades without fear of decay or degradation. The usage in genomic and NGS approaches of these pathologically interesting Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples involves several challenges associated with the limited quantity and quality of DNA and the removal of paraffin or formalin-mediated crosslinks.


In this Application Note, we demonstrate the advantages over standard nucleic acid purification procedures with the powerful combination of the NucleoMag® DNA FFPE technology and the Hamilton NIMBUS® Presto:

Proven NucleoMag® lysis and purification procedure for highest demands
Patented, non-toxic, odorless Paraffin Dissolver
Automated plate prefilling and plate handling by the Hamilton NIMBUS liquid handling system
High-speed DNA purification by the integrated KingFisher™ Presto instrument

Purification of ready-to-use DNA, suitable for all common downstream applications (e.g.,PCR, NGS, Blotting, enzymatic reactions)


We have established further high-performance applications for reliable recovery from various sample materials and here you may find all new and readily available application notes for the processing of MACHEREY-NAGEL Kits on the HAMILTON NIMBUS Presto platform.


Tags: Automation, FFPE, DNA