NucleoMag cfDNA on the HAMILTON NIMBUS Presto

Our new application note for NucleoMag® cfDNA on the HAMILTON NIMBUS Presto is available on our webpage now.

Liquid biopsies, specifically cell-free DNA (cfDNA) analyses, are minimally invasive techniques for genomic profiling with an enormous potential for clinical prognostic and diagnostic applications. Thereby, the techniques of cfDNA analysis are a tool for assessing biomarkers in cancer profiling, tumor burden monitoring, prenatal testing or quantification of minimal residual disease during patient follow-up.

In this Application Note, we demonstrate the advantages over standard nucleic acid purification procedures with the powerful combination of the NucleoMag® cfDNA technology and the Hamilton NIMBUS® Presto:

Proven NucleoMag® lysis and purification procedure suitable for human plasma samples
Efficient purification of fragmented DNA as small as 50 bp
No PCR inhibition, regardless of your preferred sample volume
Automated plate prefilling and plate handling by the Hamilton
NIMBUS liquid handling system
High-speed DNA purification by the integrated KingFisher™ Presto instrument

We have established further high-performance applications for reliable recovery from various sample materials and here you may find all new and readily available application notes for the processing of MACHEREY-NAGEL Kits on the HAMILTON NIMBUS Presto platform.