News about our NucleoSpin Microbial DNA Kit

NEWS about NucleoSpin Microbial DNA

DNA isolation from cultured microorganisms is a key task that is critical to the workflow of nearly every microbiology lab regardless of whether it is located at a university or in the private sector. Microbes also play an important role in the food industry due to various attributes that contribute to the production or processing of certain consumable products such as alcoholic drinks or dairy products.
Researchers in these various fields who work with bacteria, yeast, and fungi often encounter challenges when attempting to extract nucleic acids from their samples due to difficulties surrounding the lysis part of the procedure.

We are looking forward to sharing our solutions for efficient nucleic acid purification from cultured microorganisms as well as various bead beating options for convenient and thorough sample disruption in both low and high throughput formats during our upcoming online seminar on February 23rd.

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Please also take a look at our newly compiled publication list of the latest scientific references, using our NucleoSpin Microbial DNA Kit for various applications.