Clinical Research and Testing Promotion 2021

MACHEREY-NAGEL's Clinical promotion highlights our kits for high quality nucleic acid purification from various clinical samples.
Our products can accommodate demanding clinical applications such as microbiome studies or pathogen detection which require highly pure nucleic acids from numerous challenging sample types including swabs, blood, stool, tissue, plasma, and FFPE.
This promotion features a 25 % discount on selected kits, plus free MN face masks (valid January 11 - March 31, 2021).

For more information regarding our promotion, please visit our promo-site.
Please quote the keyword "CLINICAL" until March 31, 2021 when ordering promotion products to receive the discount pricing and free MN face masks.

Sign up today to attend our webinar-series to learn more about the essential role of reliable DNA/RNA purification in clinical workflows.
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