NucleoSpin gDNA Clean-up, Mini kit for DNA clean up and concentration

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740230.50 031020425001
Package unit 50 Preps
Effective post clean up and concentration of genomic DNA more

Effective post clean up and concentration of genomic DNA

Application Clean up of genomic DNA
Selling unit 10 Prep(s), 50 Prep(s), 250 Prep(s)
Target Clean up
CE certified No, research use only
Technology Silica membrane technology
Brand NucleoSpin
Format Mini prep
Handling Centrifugation
Automated use No
Sample material Aqueous DNA solution
Sample amount < 150 µL solution containing < 25 µg DNA
Fragment size 100 bp−approx. 50 kbp
Typical recovery 80–90 %
Theoretical binding capacity 50 µg
Typical purity A260/A280 1.8−1.9
Elution volume 50−100 µL
Preparation time 10 min/6 preps
Typical downstream application enzymatic reactions, qPCR, Southern blotting, STR amplification
Storage temperature 15–25 °C / 59–77 °F
Shelf life (from production) 27 Month(s)
Hazardous material Yes