Derivatization reagents for GC, alkylation, methylation, TMSH

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TMSH is used for methylation of fatty acids, because it is just necessary to add the reagent... more

TMSH is used for methylation of fatty acids, because it is just necessary to add the reagent (0.2 M in methanol) to the sample solution. Removal of excess reagent is not required, since in the injector of the gas chromatograph at 250 °C pyrolysis to volatile methanol and dimethylsulfide will occur. Due to the high reactivity, complete derivatization is often obtained at ambient temperature. However, heating (e.g., 10 min at 100 °C) in a closed sample vial may be necessary. These products contain harmful substances which must be specially labeled as hazardous. For detailed information please see SDS.

Selling unit 1x10 mL, 5x10 mL, 10x1 mL, 20x1 mL
Method Gas chromatography (GC), derivatization
Composition Trimethylsulfonium hydroxide (TMSH) in methanol
Derivatization type Alkylation, methylation
Recommended application(s) Chlorophenols, Chlorophenoxycarboxylic acids, Derivatization, Free acids, Lipids, Phenols, Triglycerides
Storage temperature 2–8 °C / 36–46 °F
Hazardous material Yes
H370 Causes damage to organs.H311 Toxic in contact with skin.H301 Toxic if swallowed.H331 Toxic if inhaled.
P260sh Do not breathe dust/vapours.P280sh Wear protective gloves/eye protection.P405 Store locked up.P280sh Wear protective gloves/eye protection.P302+352 IF ON SKIN: Wash with plenty of water.P312 Call a POISON CENTER/doctor if you feel unwell.P405 Store locked up.P280sh Wear protective gloves/eye protection.P301+310 IF SWALLOWED: Immediately call a POISON CENTER/ doctor.P405 Store locked up.P261sh Avoid breathing dust/vapours.P311 Call a POISON CENTER/doctor.P405 Store locked up.