New! NucleoSpin VET Kit

The proven magnetic bead-based NucleoMag VET kit gets its little brother: MACHEREY-NAGEL is releasing a new silica-membrane based kit for the isolation of viral RNA/DNA and bacterial DNA from diverse veterinary sample specimens.
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Our new NucleoMag SEP Mini is optimized for efficient magnetic separation in standard microcentrifuge tubes (< 2 mL).

NucleoBond PC10000 Rack

Column racks for anion exchange chromatography

Small column – Big impact!

Our new NucleoSpin Gel and PCR Clean-up XS contains a newly developed XS column to ensures highly efficient recovery of DNA fragments. The XS column funnels buffer down to a small silica membrane surface area so that only ≥ 6 µl are required for efficient elution of highly concentrated DNA.
Struggling with PCR Inhibition? Inhibition is a common pitfall with PCR reactions leading to false negative or underestimated results. Tackle PCR Inhibition and get rid of those inhibitors with our new NucleoSpin Inhibitor Removal kit.
NucleoSpin DNA Yeast - Lyse Smarter, Not Harder!
We have launched our new NucleoSpin eDNA Water kit for isolation of environmental DNA (eDNA) from water.