The relevance of fragrances and their chemical analysis
How GC helps to identify ingredients in whiskies.
MSTFA and doping analysis – increase fairness in competitive sports by using derivatization reagents!
The carcinogenic potential of nitrosamines has been known for a long time. The compounds are mainly found in smoked or cured meat and fish products, in tobacco smoke, but also in cosmetics.
Incidentally, several human drugs have also come into focus as nitrosamine sources due to impurities caused by the starting materials used for the synthesis of active ingredients.
The characteristic taste of gin is obtained by flavoring it with spice aromas, especially juniper berries and coriander, during or after the distillation process. Besides tannins and flavonoids, juniper berries also contain essential oils such as myrcene or α-pinene. See how you can analyze "Gin & Tonic".