07.08.2020 is International Beer Day

This day was created to celebrate those responsible for brewing and serving our beer and to gather with friends to simply enjoy the taste of beer. 

MN helps the Breweries with the numerous amount of measurements during incoming goods inspection, quality control and waste water analysis with only one device. 


"Many Breweries rely on MACHEREY-NAGEL spectrophotometers for many years. They use the latest NANOCOLOR UV/VIS II spectrophotometer in their laboratory to monitor various parameters in daily laboratory routine.

The instrument also controls important parameters of our brewery analysis. Bitter units, beer color and iodine value are evaluated with the help of the pre-programmed methods of NANOCOLOR UV/VIS II.

Over the years more and more areas of application have been added. Monitoring of raw materials plays an extremely important role in production processes. Here, the customer can work with self-programmed methods or the absorbance measurement of the device.

For quality control of the final products the MACHEREY-NAGEL spectrophotometer with color measurements according to CIE-Lab offers a very good possibility to monitor the product quality of mixed drinks and lemonades.

Breweries can therefore answer many of their daily questions with only one instrument; a big plus for the laboratory staff, who otherwise have to be familiar with a large number of instruments."


Rafael Krause, Product Manager for Devices, MACHEREY-NAGEL

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