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NP columns

Diol modified silica phase for HPLC · USP L20
Dihydroxypropyl modified silica for RP and NP chromatography
Less polar than unmodified silica, very easily wettable with water
Pore size 100 Å, particle size 5 µm
Separation mechanism based on polar interactions (hydrogen bonds)
pH stability at 20 °C: 2–8
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EC standard columns for analytical HPLC
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Eluent in column is n-heptane. When using an eluent which is not miscible with n-heptane (e.g., water), it is necessary to rinse the column with THF first.
        Length 250 mm   EC guard columns*
NUCLEOSIL® 100-5 OH (Diol) · particle size 5 µm    
4.6 mm ID       720143.46   721142.30
      Columns/pack 1   3
* EC 4/3 guard column cartridges are used for EC columns of 4.6 mm ID with the Column Protection System guard column holder (REF 718966).
Custom-packed EC columns with other dimensions are available on request.

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