TLC micro-sets
introductory kits for science education
and method development
Beginner’s set
separations with simple developing solvents;
samples are colored thus eliminating the need for visualization
TLC micro-set A All equipment needed is contained in the set.
Materials kit
prerequisite for kits F1 to F3
TLC micro-set M Also as basic equipment for individual study of further TLC experiments
Advanced sets
require some experience and skill:
some samples have to be pretreated;
for identification of substances
spray reagents have to be used
TLC micro-set F1 Separation of amino acids
(test mixture and in urine)
Separation of heavy metal cations
  TLC micro-set F2 Analysis of edible fats
Analysis of fats and cholesterol in blood
  TLC micro-set F3 Separation of analgetics (pain relievers)
Drug analysis as shown for cinchona bark
Visualization of TLC-separated compounds TLC visualization reagents

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