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QUANTOFIX® Peracetic acid 50 test strips
Quick and easy determination of peracetic acid
Peracetic acid test strip - QUANTOFIX peracetic acid 

This test strip is for the fast and reliable determination of peracetic acid in solutions. The easy dip-and-read procedure provides safe results within 30 seconds.

Peracetic acid is one of the most powerful oxidizers known and often employed as a disinfectant. It is, for example, frequently used to disinfect bottles and packages in the beverage industry. After disinfection, packages are rinsed to wash out any remaining disinfectant. Along the same lines, peracetic acid is used in dialysis centers to clean dialysis machines. QUANTOFIX® Peracetic acid test strips can check quickly and easily, if the disinfectant has been removed completely
QUANTOFIX® Peracetic acid test strips are specific to peracetic acid. When adhering to the testing procedures the results are not influenced by hydrogen peroxide.

QUANTOFIX® Peracetic acid are the ideal choice to detect peracetic acid in solutions quickly and easily.

Product data and ordering information
Type Semi-quantitative test strips
Presentation Tube of 100 test strips 6x95 mm
Color reaction white → blue
Gradation 0 · 5 · 10 · 20 · 30 · 50mg/l peracetic acid
REF 91340
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