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NucleoSpin® RNA Virus

NucleoSpin® RNA Virus

Viral RNA from serum and plasma

For reliable purification of viral RNA and DNA* from cell-free biological fluids



• Reliable and reproducible isolation of viral RNA and DNA* – free of impurities
• Safe and well-established procedure
• Proven for a large variety of viruses including influenza viruses, HCV, HIV,
   Bird Flu Virus, Blue Tongue Virus
• Carrier RNA included for highest sensitivity in downstream applications
• Fast and convenient protocol – viral RNA and DNA* within only 30 min

Also available for QIAcube® (please see "Ordering information" and contact Technical Service
techbio@mn-net.com for more information).
Technology Silica-membrane technology
Format Mini spin columns
Sample material

150 µL serum, plasma, cell-free biological fluids

Fragment size

100 bp–approx. 50 kbp

Elution volume 50 µL
Preparation time 30 min/4–6 preps
Binding capacity 40 µg
• Viral RNA from 150 μL serum, plasma, cell-free biological fluids
• HCV, HBV, HAV, HIV, HSV, HPV, VZV, EBV, parvovirus B19, H5N1, H1N1
• Support protocol for parallel isolation of viral RNA and DNA*
• Typical downstream applications: RT-PCR, enzymatic reactions
*   For parallel isolation of viral RNA and DNA use of Proteinase K required (not included in the kit),
     see "Ordering information"
** Kits to be used for research purposes only


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Specification REF
NucleoSpin® RNA Virus


NucleoSpin® RNA Virus Columns with Collection Tubes, Collection Tubes (2 mL), buffers, Carrier RNA 740956.10


as above 740956.50


as above 740956.250


Kit for use on QIAcube®*
NucleoSpin® RNA Virus Columns, buffers, Carrier RNA
Product accessories

Pack of

Specification REF
Proteinase K

100 mg


* NucleoSpin® kits on QIAcube®: The usage of NucleoSpin® kits on the QIAcube® is at your own liability.
MACHEREY-NAGEL is not responsible for loss of warranty claims or other consequences.

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