Unmodified HPTLC silica layers with "High Definition" properties
Nano silica 60, specific surface (BET) ~ 500 m2/g, mean pore size 60 Å, specific pore volume 0.75 mL/g, particle size 2–10 µm
Outstanding dyeability and abrasion resistance due to an optimized binder system
Good wettability for precise colorization results, even with 100 % aqueous detection reagents
The narrow fractionation of the silica particles allows sharper separations, shorter developing
   times and shorter migration distances compared to standard silica layers
High suitability for trace analyses resulting from a UV indicator with increased brilliance and
   a low-noise background of the layer
Available as glass plates with or without fluorescent indicator
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Ordering information
Designation Thickness of layer Plate size Fluorescent indicator Plates per pack REF
Glass plates
Nano-SIL HD 0.20 mm
5 x 5 cm
100 811211
0.20 mm 10 x 10 cm 25 811212
0.20 mm 10 x 20 cm 50 811213
Nano-SIL HD UV254 0.20 mm
5 x 5 cm
UV254 100 811221
Nano-SIL HD UV254 0.20 mm 10 x 10 cm UV254 25 811222
Nano-SIL HD UV254 0.20 mm 10 x 20 cm UV254 50 811223

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