Spectrophotometer NANOCOLOR® VIS II
Smart photometry

• Revolutionary user experience

• 10 inch HD touch screen display

• Intuitive and entirely icon-based menu

• Integrated turbidity control (NTU-Check)

• CIE-conform color measurements and analyses

Clearly arranged icons instead of complicated lists

With the brand new spectrophotometer NANOCOLOR® VIS II MACHEREY-NAGEL revolutionizes your daily laboratory work, combining a premium high-tech instrument with outstanding usability. Work with this innovative photometer like your smartphone or tablet and enjoy the intuitive, icon-based menu. The clearly arranged and high-resolution touch screen display makes your daily measurement routine a real pleasure.

Powerful technology behind the scenes

The NANOCOLOR® VIS II impresses with high-class technology and optics. The wavelength resolution of 0.1 nm enables a new level of precision, for example for the monitoring of high-resolution scans. Internal stray light is reduced to < 0.1 %, resulting in extremely accurate measuring signals. The optical setup and the clever technology enables measurements without protective cover, a big advantage for seamless lab processes.

The all-rounder for all requirements

As a complete spectrophotometer, the NANOCOLOR® VIS II meets all requirements of your daily laboratory work. It comes with the well-known barcode technology for NANOCOLOR® tube tests, but it also offers the possibility of extensive CIE conform color measurements. In addition to turbidity measurements, the device offers comprehensive and free of charge brewery analysis according to MEBAK. The NANOCOLOR® VIS II reduces the complexity of your daily laboratory work with easy menu guidance and icon-based procedures of the tube tests stored in the instrument. The clear result window enables an easy assignment of sample information to the measurement result. The step-by-step menu guidance for the calibration of special methods creates a simple entry level into user specific analytics even for unexperienced users.

Your next audit will be a breeze

Quality is of high importance to MACHEREY-NAGEL. Thus, the NANOCOLOR® VIS II is equipped with extensive quality control features. Besides the integrated, f.o.c. inspection equipment monitoring, the device offers a variety of quality control functions like standard measurements, multiple determinations and dilution series. In this way the NANOCOLOR® VIS II provides easy to use control options which enable an efficient and exact internal quality control.

Ordering information
Description REF
Spectrophotometer NANOCOLOR® VIS II
incl. manual (quickstart guide), touch pen, protective covering, power cable, USB cable,
USB stick, calibration cuvette, certifikate and cleaning cloth
919 650
Case for Spectrophotometer NANOCOLOR® VIS II 919 652
Manual (Quickstart-Guide) for NANOCOLOR® VIS II 919 601
Halogen lamp for NANOCOLOR® VIS II 919 604
Flow cuvette, quartz glass, 50 mm optical path, for NANOCOLOR® VIS II 919 149
Flow cuvette, glass, 10 mm optical path, for NANOCOLOR® VIS II 919 158
Protective covering NANOCOLOR® VIS II 919 651
NANOCOLOR® thermo printer for NANOCOLOR® VIS II (incl. printer cable, mains adapter) 919 655
Printer paper rolls for NANOCOLOR® thermal printer for NANOCOLOR® VIS II 3 rolls of 79 mm width, core 12 mm, OD 80 mm 919 656
USB cable AB for NANOCOLOR® VIS II 919 687
LAN cable (1.5 m) for NANOCOLOR® VIS II 919 682
Mains adaptor for NANOCOLOR® VIS II 919 156
Customer benefits at a glance
Reach your goals smart
  • Icon-based menu guidance
  • Easy to use without time-consuming training
  • Intuitive operation for fast results

      ⇨ Revolutionary user experience

  • Projective-capacitive touch screen
  • 10 inch HD touch screen display for comfortable lab work
  • Reliable operation even with gloves

      ⇨ Innovative usage concept

Powerful technology behind the scenes
  • Cuvette slot for 10, 16, 20, 40, 50 mm cuvettes
  • Measurements without cuvette adapter and slot cover
  • Insensitive to external light

      ⇨ Seamless laboratory processes

  • Time saving sample allocation with a handheld scanner
  • Quick and easy administration of all important sample information

      ⇨ Future-proof data management

  • Precise optics with reference-detector-technology
  • High-resolution scans
  • Minimized aberrations due to holographic gratings

      ⇨ Strong technology for more precise measurements

  • Automatic test recognition via 2D barcode scanner
  • Clear measurement process from cuvette insertion to storage

      ⇨ Easy Operation

Photometry becomes a pleasure
  • Convenient handling
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Reliable results

      ⇨ The right test kit for each application

  • High-precision live scans
  • Analysis and comparison of spectra
  • Exporting spectra and data

      ⇨ Complex analytics made simple

  • CIE-conform color measurements and analyses
  • Conversions of color index and display in color space
  • Measuring of color difference against quality control standards

      ⇨ Monitoring of special production processes

  • Turbidity measurement according to EN ISO 7027
  • Absorbance measurement (transmitted light measurement) at a 180 ° angle from 2–400 FAU
  • Nephelometric stray light measurement from 0.1–1000 NTU

      ⇨ Fulfill requirements and assure measurement results

  • Clear connection of results and sample information
  • Comprehensive presentation of all measurement results
  • Direct linkage to IQC-Options

      ⇨ All information at a glance

  • Safely spot potentially interfering turbidities
  • Unique for maximum measurement result safety
  • Runs automatically with each measurement of MN tube tests

      ⇨ Your insurance for secure measurement results

  • Easy to understand pictograms
  • Step-by-step procedures directly in the instrument
  • Conduct measurements without extensive training

      ⇨ Reduce errors, enhance security

  • Creation of user specific special methods
  • Comfortable calibration of customized methods
  • Database for your applications

      ⇨ Versatility for highest demands

Be convincing
  • IQC chart directly in the device
  • Standard measurements, multiple determinations, dilution series and spike additions
  • IQC memory for a clear documentation

      ⇨ Quality control at its best

  • GLP-conform data storage
  • Comprehensive user administration with password protection
  • Individual adaptation to the respective user

      ⇨ Fulfill requirements

  • Inspection equipment monitoring directly in the device
  • Wavelength check with integrated holmium oxide filter
  • Photometric accuracy check (NANOCONTROL NANOCHECK)

      ⇨ Perform controls and reduce costs

919340 Stay connected
  • Easy implementation of measurement data to LIMS
  • Customized composition of datasets

      ⇨ Tailor-made data for individual needs

  • Future-proof interface options
  • Straightforward data transfer to storage media
  • Easy accessible USB-Connections

      ⇨ Future-proof connectivity options

Technical data
Type: Spectrophotometer with reference detector technology (RDT)
Light sources: Halogen lamp (visible range) and deuterium lamp (UV range)
Optical system: Monochromator
Wavelength range: 320-1100 nm
Wavelength accuracy: ± 1 nm
Wavelength resolution: 0.1 nm
Wavelength calibration: Automatic
Wavelength selection: Automatic, barcode, manual
Scan speed: 1 complete scan in less than 1 min
Spectral bandwidth: < 4 nm
Photometric range: ± 3.0 E in wavelength range 200–900 nm
Photometric accuracy: 0.005 E at 0.0–0.5 E; 1 % at 0.5–2.0 E
Photometric linearity: < 0.5% at 2 E; = 1% at > 2 E
Stray light: < 0.1 %
Measuring modes: More than 200 preprogrammed tests, 100 optionally programmable methods, absorbance, transmission, factor, kinetics, 2-point calibration, scan, nephelometric turbidity measurement
Turbidity measurement: Nephelometric turbidity measurement, 0.1–1000 NTU
Cuvette holder: Test tubes 16 mm OD, rectangular cuvettes 2, 10, 20, 40, 50 mm
Data memory: 16 GB Micro SDHC card, 5000 measured data sets / 100 spectra, GLP conform
Display: HD display, anti-reflective cover glass with projected capacitive touch screen (PCAP) and background lighting
Operation: Barcode technology, icon-based menu guidance, touch screen
Languages: DE / EN / FR / ES / IT / PT / NL / PL / HU / CZ / TR / CA / DK / RO
External light: Insensitive, open cuvette slot
Interfaces: LAN, 2 x USB (Host) 1 x USB (Function) and RS 232
Update: Via Internet / PC and USB stick
Operating range: 10–40 °C, max. 80 % relative humidity (without condensation)
Power supply: 110–240 V, ~50/60 Hz
Dimensions L / W / H: 360 / 400 / 110 mm
Weight: 4.0 kg
Warranty: 2 years
Declaration of conformity:

This device corresponds to the European low-voltage guideline and the European EMC directive.

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