NucleoTrap® technology and products
NucleoTrap® NucleoTrap® mRNA
Technology /
separation principle
Silica-matrix technology /
chaotropic salt binding
Affinity chromatography
Material Spherical silica beads Oligo(dT) latex beads
Format Silica bead suspension Latex bead suspension – NucleoTrap®
Microfilters for bead separation
Procedure Principle: binding (high-salt) –
washing – elution (low-salt)

• Adsorption of DNA / RNA 
   in the presence of chaotropic 
   salts (hydrate shell of DNA/RNA 
   is reversibly removed)
• High-salt / ethanolic washing
   steps to remove contaminants
• Low-salt or water elution
  (hydrate shell is recovered,
  DNA / RNA is released from the
Principle: binding (high-salt) –
washing – elution (low-salt)

• Hybridization of poly(A) mRNA on
  oligo(dT) latex beads under
  high-salt conditions
• High-salt washing steps to
  remove contaminants

• Elution of poly(A) mRNA with
   RNAse-free Water at elevated
Features / result Ready-to-use, sequencing and
PCR-grade DNA
Cost efficient
Ready-to-use poly(A) mRNA
PCR clean-up
Single prep NucleoTrap®CR
Gel extraction
Single prep NucleoTrap®
Poly(A) mRNA isolation from total RNA
Single prep NucleoTrap® mRNA
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