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AQUATEC test strips
Quick and easy determination of water in oil tanks

This test allows the quick and easy measurement of the water amount at the bottom of petrol and fuel oil tanks.
In petrol and fuel oil tanks water accumulates over time building a layer at the bottom. To measure this layer the PE strip is fixed onto a flat steel sheet so that the lower ends coincide. It is then lowered into the tank with a tin cord until it reaches the bottom. Any water present beneath the fuel will dissolve the blue layer (testing tim about 15 – 20 seconds). The thickness of the water layer corresponds to the color less part of the strip.

Product data and ordering information
Type Qualitative test paper
Presentation Pack of 100 sticks 10x200 mm
Color reaction   
blue → colorless
Limit of sensitivity depending on the geometry of the tank, about 1-2 mm water layer
REF 90742
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