Webinar - Practice Industry Interlaboratory trial; March 24, 2021

Interlaboratory trials are an essential part of internal quality control. With this webinar, both beginners and experts have the opportunity to take part in our regular interlaboratory trial metal. As an example, the parameters total phosphate and nitrate are discussed theoretically and carried out in practice. Further parameters can be carried out on your own after the webinar. All participants receive an evaluation and a certificate for the performance of the interlaboratory trial. Furthermore, we impart basic knowledge through additional, targeted präsentationen.

The presentation language will be German.

- Basics of photometry
- General information on IQC and interlaboratory trials
- Background information and joint practical work on the parameters total-Chrom and nickel 
- Inspection equipment monitoring of the photometer

March 24, 2021, 9:00 a.m. - 12:20 p.m. CET

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For the practical exercises you will need:
- NANOCOLOR photometer and Heating block
- Pipette (0.1–1.0 and 1–5 mL)
- NANOCOLOR tube tests total-Chromium 2 and nickel 4 or 7
- Cuvette stand and personal protective equipment

All registered participants receive a free NANOCONTROL Interlaboratory trial.

To register, each participant needs their own email address.

Registration closes 14 days before the webinar.

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