Technical Webinar drinking water; March 17, 2021

As our most important and indispensable foodstuff, the highest demands are placed on our drinking water. The German drinking water directive (TrinkwV) defines indicator parameters whose limits must be observed. In our technical seminar we will discuss important aspects of the drinking water directive and how to implement them with our NANOCOLOR analysis system. Selected parameters will be explained theoretically and the safe handling of the corresponding test kits will be deepened in practical exercises.

The presentation language will be German.

- The drinking water directive and the NANOCOLOR System
- Pipetting – do it right!
- General information on IQC
- Background information and joint practical work on the parameters ammonium
- Inspection equipment monitoring of the photometer

March 17, 2021, 9:00 a.m. - 12:20 p.m. CET

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For the practical exercises you will need:
- NANOCOLOR photometer and Heating block
- Pipette (0.1–1.0 and 1–5 mL)
- NANOCOLOR tube tests ammonium 3 or 10
- Cuvette stand and personal protective equipment

All registered participants receive a free standard solution NANOCONTROL Multistandard Drinking water.

To register, each participant needs their own email address.

Registration closes 14 days before the webinar.

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