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NH2 / NH2-RP

Amino modified silica phases for HPLC · USP L8
Polar aminopropyl modified silica for reversed phase and normal phase chromatography:
Normal phase chromatography with hexane, dichloromethane or 2-propanol as mobile phase for polar compounds such as substituted anilines, esters, chlorinated pesticides
Reversed phase chromatography of polar compounds like carbohydrates in aqueous-organic eluent systems
Anion exchange chromatography of anions and organic acids using common buffers (e.g., acetate or phosphate) in conjunction with organic modifiers (e.g., acetonitrile)
Pore size 100 Å, available particle sizes 3 µm, 5 µm, and 10 µm, pH stability at 20 °C: 2–8,
carbon content 3.5 %
Separation mechanism based on polar interactions, hydrophobic interactions and weak ion exchange interactions
Corresponding NUCLEODUR® phase see NUCLEODUR® NH2 / NH2-RP
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EC standard columns for analytical HPLC
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Eluent in column (except for NUCLEOSIL® 100-5 NH2 RP) is n-heptane. When using an eluent which is not miscible with n-heptane (e.g., water), it is necessary to rinse the column with THF first.
ID Particle size Pore size   Length 250 mm   EC guard

NUCLEOSIL® 100-3 NH2 (eluent in column n-heptane)    
4.6 mm 3 µm 100 Å   720275.46   721933.30
NUCLEOSIL® 100-5 NH2 RP (eluent in column acetonitrile – water)    
4.6 mm 5 µm 100 Å   720095.46RP   721155.30
NUCLEOSIL® 100-5 NH2 (eluent in column n-heptane)    
4.6 mm 5 µm 100 Å   720095.46   721020.30
NUCLEOSIL® 100-10 NH2 (eluent in column n-heptane)    
4.6 mm 10 µm 100 Å   720025.46      
Columns/pack ->   1   3
* EC 4/3 guard column cartridges are used for EC columns of 4.6 mm ID with the Column Protection System guard column holder (REF 718966).
Custom-packed EC columns with other dimensions are available on request.

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