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RP columns

Phenyl modified silica phases for HPLC
not endcapped · 8 % C · USP L11

Relatively nonpolar phases for RP and ion pairing chromatography
Pore size 100 Å, available particle sizes 5 µm and 7 µm,
pH stability at 20 °C: 2–8; carbon content 8 %
Polarity similar to C8, but with different selectivity for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, polar aromatics, fatty acids etc.
Separation mechanism based on π–π interactions and hydrophobic (van der Waals) interactions, some residual silanol interactions
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EC standard columns for analytical HPLC
Ordering information
Eluent in column acetonitrile – water
  Length -> 250 mm   EC guard columns*
NUCLEOSIL® 100-5 C6H5 · particle size 5 µm    
4.6 mm ID   720956.46   721137.30
NUCLEOSIL® 100-7 C6H5 · particle size 7 µm    
4 mm ID   720019.40      
4.6 mm ID   720019.46      
  Columns/pack 1   3
* EC 4/3 guard column cartridges are used for EC columns of 4 and 4.6 mm ID with the Column Protection System guard column holder (REF 718966).
Custom-packed EC columns with other dimensions are available on request.

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