Capillary columns for GC
Silarylene phase with optimized silarylene content for lowest column bleed
Lowest column bleed, nonpolar phase
Ideal for ion trap and quadrupole MS detectors
perfect inertness for basic compounds
solvent rinsing for removal of impurities applicable
Recommended application: ultra low bleed phase, highly selective for environmental and trace analyses, pesticides
recommended phase for PCB separations
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Similar phases: DB-XLB, Rtx-XLB, Rxi-XLB, MDN‑12, VF-XMS
Max. temperature for isothermal operation 340 °C,
max. temperature for short isotherms in a temperature program 360 °C

Ordering information
Film [μm]           30 m   60 m  
0.25 mm ID (0.4 mm OD)
0.25           725850.30   725850.60  
Each column is individually tested and supplied with test certificate and test chromatogram, but without fittings or ferrules. Columns have fused ends or are sealed with septa, to protect them from atmospheric oxygen.
For checking the column performance the respective test mixture can be obtained separately.
On request, all columns can be supplied on a 5 inch (13 cm) cage for the Agilent GC 6850. To order, please add an E at the end of the REF number (e.g., 725850.30E)
To prolong column life, even at highly contaminated or matrix-containing samples, MN offers the option to add an integrated guard column. All capillary columns are available with a 10 m guard column with respective deactivation. To order, please add V1 at the end of the REF number. Guard column combinations with other lengths, IDs or different deactivation are available on request.

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