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MACHEREY-NAGEL Registered Trademarks
ALUGRAM® Coated aluminium sheets for TLC
AQUADUR® Test sticks for water hardness
BioFix® Biological rapid tests and luminometric tests
CHROMABOND® Columns for solid phase extraction (SPE)
CHROMAFIL® Syringe filters (membrane filters)
CHROMAFIX® Cartridges for solid phase extraction (SPE)
ChromCart® Cartridge system for HPLC
Combi 3 A® Medi-Test Urine test sticks
Combi 5 N® Medi-Test Urine test sticks
Combi 9® Medi-Test Urine test sticks
Combi 10® Medi-Test Urine test sticks
Combi 10® L Medi-Test Urine test sticks
Combi 10® SGL Medi-Test Urine test sticks
Combi 10® VET Medi-Test Urine test sticks
DiaQuant® Test sticks for dialysis
LIPODEX® Fused silica capillaries with cyclodextrin phases for GC enantiomer separation
NANOCOLOR® Photometers and photometric tests
NucleoBond® Kits and cartridges for nucleic acid purification (anion-exchange chromatography)
NucleoCard® Blood sample storage cards
NUCLEODUR® Spherical high purity silica phases for HPLC
NucleoFast® Kits for PCR clean-up (ultrafiltration)
NUCLEOGEL® HPLC polymer-based columns
NUCLEOGEN® HPLC ion exchange columns for nucleic acid analysis
NucleoMag® Kits for purification of DNA and RNA (magnetic-bead technology)
NucleoSEQ® Kits for dye-terminator removal (gel-filtration)
NUCLEOSHELL® Core-shell silica phases for HPLC
NUCLEOSIL® Spherical standard silica for HPLC
NucleoSpin® Kits for nucleic acid purification (silica-membrane technology)
NucleoTrap® Kits and separation material for nucleic acid purification (silica-matrix technology)
OPTIMA® High performance fused silica GC capillaries with immobilized phases
OPTIMA WAXplus® Polyethylene glycol phase for GC with optimized crosslinking
PEHANON® pH paper for colored solutions
PERMABOND® Fused silica GC capillaries with immobilized phases
PLUMBTESMO® Lead test paper
POLYGOSIL® Irregular silica packings for HPLC
POLYGRAM® Coated polyester sheets for TLC
Porafil® Membrane filters
Protino® Kits and cartridges for purification of recombinant proteins (affinity chromatography)
QUANTOFIX® Semiquantitativ tests and test sticks
URYXXON® Reflection photometer for evaluation of Stick 10 urine test sticks
VISOCOLOR® Colorimetric rapid tests
Registered trademarks of other manufacturers
ABI PRISM® Applera Corp. (USA)
affigene® Sangtec Molecular Diagnostics AB
Affymetrix® Affymetrix Inc. (USA)
AmpFLSTR® Applied Biosystems
Ascentis® Sigma-Aldrich Co. (USA)
AutoTrace® Caliper Life Sciences Inc. (USA)
Biomek® Beckman Coulter Inc. (USA)
BioRobot® Qiagen GmbH
Biotage® Biotage AB (Sweden)
Bond Elut® Varian Inc. (USA)
Celite® Manville Corp. (USA)
Centricon® Millipore
CombiFlash® Teledyne Isco Inc. (USA)
Companion® Teledyne Isco Inc. (USA)
Coomassie® ICI Organics Inc.
DH5α® Life Technologies Inc. (USA)
Effectene® Qiagen
epMotion® Eppendorf AG (Germany)
Eurocel® Knauer GmbH (Germany)
ExpressArt® artus GmbH
Florisil® U.S. Silica Co. (USA)
Freedom EVO® Tecan Group AG
Genesis Freedom® Tecan Group AG
Hyamine® Lonza Inc.
Hy-LiTE® Merck
Identifiler® Applied Biosystems
Isco® Teledyne Isco Inc. (USA)
KingFisher® Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (USA)
Kromasil® Eka Chemicals AB (Sweden)
La-Pha-Pack® La-Pha-Pack GmbH
LightCycler® Roche Group
Luna® Phenomenex Inc. (USA)
Microlab® Hamilton Co. (USA)
Multifuge® Heraeus Instruments GmbH
MultiProbe® Perkin Elmer Inc. (USA)
Mx3000P® Stratagene Inc. (USA)
Novex® Invitrogen Corp. (USA)
Oasis® Waters Corp. (USA)
Oragene® Genotek Inc.
pBluescript® Stratagene Inc. (USA)
PolyFect® Qiagen GmbH
Polystabil® Ashland Licensing and Intellectual Property LLC
PowerPlex® Promega Corp. (USA)
Quadra 3® Tomtec Inc. (USA)
RapidTrace® Caliper Life Sciences Inc. (USA)
RNAlater® Ambion Inc. (USA)
RoboSeq® MWG Biotech AG (Germany)
Roundup Ready® Monsanto Technology LLC
Rtx® Restek Corp. (USA)
Rxi® Restek Corp. (USA)
Stabilwax® Restek Corp. (USA)
SYBR® Molecular Probes Inc. (USA)
TaqMan® Roche Molecular Systems Inc.
TO-PRO® Molecular Probes Inc. (USA)
Triton® Symrise AG Holzminden
TRIzol® Molecular Research Center, Inc.
Vespel® DuPont (USA)
Waters® Waters Corp. (USA)
Windows® Microsoft
Zorbax® Agilent Technologies Inc. (USA)
Zymark® Caliper Life Sciences Inc. (USA)
Zymate® Caliper Life Sciences Inc. (USA)

Trademarks of other manufacturers
Allegra™ Beckman Coulter Inc. (USA)
ASPEC™ Gilson Inc. (USA)
Atlas™ Clontech (USA)
BigDye™ Applera Corp. (USA)
Carbowax™ Union Carbide Corp. (USA)
CelluCoat™ Eka Chemicals AB (Sweden)
DH10B™ Life Technologies Inc. (USA)
Equity™ Sigma-Aldrich Co. (USA)
FlashMaster™ Biotage AB (Sweden)
FPLC™ Amersham Biosciences Corp.
Gene Ruler™ MBI Fermentas
Genesis™ Tecan Group AG
Hydromatrix™ Varian Inc. (USA) 
Kinetex™ Phenomenex Inc. (USA)
Lux™ Phenomenex Inc. (USA)
MultiMark™ Novex Inc. (USA)
NanoDrop™ NanoDrop Technologies Inc. (USA)
Nukol™ Sigma-Aldrich Co. (USA)
PEEK™ Victrex plc (UK)
Poroshell™ Agilent Technologies Inc. (USA)
SciClone™ Zymark Corp.
SeeBlue™ Novex Inc. (USA)
Select™ Agilent Technologies Inc. (USA)
SOLR™ Stratagene Inc. (USA)
SPB™ Sigma-Aldrich Co. (USA)
Strata™ Phenomenex Inc. (USA)
Supelclean™ Sigma-Aldrich Co. (USA)
Supelcowax™ Sigma-Aldrich Co. (USA)
Whatman™ GE Healthcare Companies (USA)


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