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Protino® Ni-TED / IDA


Protino® Ni-TED Resin

Purification of His-tag proteins


Protino® Ni-TED, the pure alternative for His-tag protein purification



• Chelating group TED (tris(carboxymethyl)ethylene diamine), one protein binding
   site provides highest selectivity and purity (also see Technologies)
• High stability against reducing / chelating agents
• Low metal leaching
• High protein purity
• High binding specificity, less unspecific binding of contaminating proteins
   compared to other common IMAC matrices
• Dry resin – storage at room temperature

Protino® Ni-TED Resin
• Dry bulk material
• Rigid support silica matrix, compatible with high pressure and high flow rates, 
   does not shrink or swell – highest flexibility
• Batch procedure, gravity-flow column chromatography, FPLC™ applications
• Empty Protino® columns available for use with Protino® Ni-TED Resin
• Empty 96-well Receiver Plates available for use with Protino® Ni-TED Resin

Technology IMAC (immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography)
Chelating ligand TED (tris-carboxymethyl ethylene diamine)
Format Bulk matrix
Matrix Macroporous silica

Physical form

Dry matrix, precharged with Ni2+

Binding capacity*

10 mg/g resin
5 mg/mL bed volume

Max. pressure 145 psi (10 bar)
* Binding capacity will vary for each polyhistidin-tagged protein
• Purification of polyhistidine-tagged proteins
• Batch binding, gravity-flow column chromatography, MPLC / FPLC™ applications


Ordering information



Specification REF
Protino® Ni-TED Resin

5 g

dry silica bulk resin 745200.5

30 g

as above 745200.30

120 g

as above 745200.120

600 g

as above 745200.600
Product accessories

Pack of

Specification REF
Protino® Columns 14 mL


empty columns (gravity flow) for use with e.g. Protino® Ni-TED / IDA Resin 745250.10
Protino® Columns 35 mL


empty columns (gravity flow) for use with e.g. Protino® Ni-TED / IDA Resin 745255.10
Receiver Plate 50 µm hydrophilized


96-well plates with an inserted hydrophilized filter frit of 50 µm pore size, suitable for gravity flow, centrifugation, and vacuum 740689.4

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