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NucleoSpin® Blood QuickPure

NucleoSpin® Blood QuickPure

Genomic DNA from blood and biological fluids

For ultra-fast purification of highly concentrated DNA from blood

• Ultra-fast procedure
• Washing and drying in one combined step (hands-on-time < 10 min)
• Consistently high DNA yields
• Elution volume only 30–50 μL
• Highly concentrated DNA, ready to use for sensitive downstream applications
Technology Silica-membrane technology
Format Mini spin columns
Sample material

5–200 µL whole blood (human or animal, fresh or frozen), body fluids
< 5 x 106 human/animal cells

Fragment size 200 bp–approx. 50 kbp
Typical yield 4–6 µg (200 µL blood)
A260/A280 1.6–1.9
Typical concentration 80–120 ng/µL
Elution volume 30–50 µL
Preparation time 25 min/prep
Hands-on-time < 10 min
Binding capacity 50 µg
• DNA from whole blood (human or animal, fresh or frozen)
• DNA from whole blood treated with citrate, EDTA, heparin, CPDA
• DNA from buffy coat, platelets, body fluids (e.g., amniotic fluid), serum, plasma
• DNA from cultured cells
• Typical downstream applications: PCR, Southern blotting, enzymatic reactions
* Kits to be used for research purposes only


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NucleoSpin® Blood QuickPure


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