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Blood XL


NucleoSpin® Blood XL

Genomic DNA from blood and biological fluids


For rapid large scale preparation of DNA from blood

• DNA ready-to-use in less than 60 min
• Complete removal of PCR inhibitors
• Suitable for whole blood, treated with citrate, EDTA, heparin, CPDA
• Consistently high DNA yields

Technology Silica-membrane technology
Format Maxi spin columns
Sample material

2-10 ml whole blood
1 x 108 cultured cells

Fragment size 200 bp- >30 kbp
Typical yield 200-300 µg
A260/280 1.6-1.9
Typical concentration 200-500 ng/µl
Elution volume 600-1000 µl
Preparation time ~ 60 min/prep
Binding capacity 700 µg

• DNA from whole blood (human or animal blood, fresh or frozen)
• DNA from whole blood treated with citrate, EDTA, heparin, CPDA
• DNA from serum, plasma, buffy coat, platelets, body fluids (e.g. amniotic fluid)
• DNA from cultured cells
• DNA suitable for e.g. PCR, Southern blotting, enzymatic reactions

* Kits to be used for research purposes only!

Nucleospin Blood XL is designed for the rapid, large scale preparation of highly pure genomic DNA from up to 10 ml whole blood, serum, plasma, or other body fluids. Buffy coat volumes up to 2 ml can be processed easily. The obtained DNA can be used directly as template for PCR reactions or can be subjected to endonuclease digestion.

The binding capacity of the NucleoSpin Blood XL columns is about 700 μg of genomic DNA. The kit allows preparation of pure genomic DNA from 2 – 10 ml of human whole blood with an A260/280 ratio between 1.7 and 1.9. Typical DNA yields – depending on the concentration of leukocytes in the respective blood sample – are in the range of 20 – 30 μg per ml of healthy human blood. Blood treated either with EDTA, citrate, heparin, or CPDA can be used. Time for preparation of genomic DNA from blood with NucleoSpin Blood XL is approximately 1 hour.


Application data
Efficient elution results in high yields even from old blood samples
Genomic DNA was purified from two human blood samples (A, B) after storage at 4 °C (3 days) with NucleoSpin Blood XL and a comparable product (product Q). 5 μl aliquots of the first and second eluate (1000 μl each, yields as indicated) were loaded onto a 1% TAE agarose gel

(1= first elution, 2 = second elution, M= marker). 

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