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NucleoBond® HMW DNA

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NucleoBond® HMW DNA


NucleoBond® HMW DNA

Genomic DNA from tissue and cells


Large amounts of ultrapure, high molecular weight DNA fragments from diverse samples

• High quality, high molecular weight (HMW) DNA up to 200 kbp
• Minimized DNA shearing due to established anion exchange technology 
• Validated with diverse samples and sequencing platforms

NucleoBond® HMW DNA
Technology Anion exchange chromatography
Format Midi gravity flow columns
Fragment size Up to 200 kbp with > 90% depletion of fragments < 10 kpb
Sample material < 1.5 g plant leaves (ground under liquid nitrogen)
< 107 cultured cells (enzymatic lysis)
< 300 mg solid tissue (cut into small pieces and lysed enzymatically
   with increased lysis time, ground under liquid nitrogen, or lysed by bead beating)
< 30 mg yeast or bacteria (ground under liquid nitrogen)
< 300 mg yeast or bacteria (lysed enzymatically or by bead beating)
< 2 mL liquid sample (e.g., blood, body fluids or enzymatic reactions)

Typical yield

Depending on the sample amount and type
Elution volume 50–250 µL
Processing time 2h/12 preps (including 30 min lysis)

High molecular weight DNA from mammalian tissues, blood samples, invertebrates, plants, bacteria, and yeast

* Kits to be used for research purposes only


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Specification REF
NucleoBond® HMW DNA


NucleoBond® HMW Columns with inserted column filters, plastic washers, buffers, Liquid Proteinase K, Liquid RNase  740160.2

20 as above 740160.20
Product accessories

Pack of

Specification REF
NucleoSnap® Finisher Midi


for purification of eluates from NucleoBond® preparations: NucleoSnap® Finisher Columns, buffers, Collection Tubes 740434.10

50 as above 740434.50

NucleoSpin® Finisher Midi


for purification of eluates from NucleoBond® preparations: NucleoSpin® Finisher Columns, buffers, Collection Tubes 740439.10

50 as above 740439.50

MN Bead Tube Holder 1 to house up to 12 bead tubes in combination with a Vortex-Genie® instrument 740469
NucleoSpin® Bead Tubes Type A–G Check www.mn-net.com/beadtubes for more information.
NucleoVac 24 Vacuum Manifold 1 Vacuum manifold for processing NucleoSnap® or NucleoSpin® columns 740299
NucleoVac Mini Adapter 100 Disposable adapters for processing NucleoSpin® or NucleoSnap® columns on the NucleoVac 24 Vacuum Manifold 740297.100
NucleoVac Valves 24 Valves for processing samples with different flow rates on the NucleoVac 24 Vacuum Manifold 740298.24

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