Test solutions for the determination of photometric accuracy and linearity

NANOCONTROL NANOCHECK 2.0 is a secondary standard for the control of inspection, measuring and test equipment in accordance to ISO 9001.

The test solutions have been checked in a reference photometer monitored with NIST-traceable standards. The results are documented.

The photometric accuracy is checked with 2 types of colored solutions. Both solutions are included in three different concentrations to check the photometric linearity.

NANOCONTROL NANOCHECK 2.0 fullfils the requirements of analytical quality control mentioned in the DWA-advisory leaflet A 704 (Operational Methods for the Self-Monitoring of Wastewater Systems).

Data and ordering information
REF 925703
Measuring range 345-800 nm
Shelf life at least 2 years
Scope of delivery 12 test tubes, zero tube, Certificate of Analysis, instruction

Extended measuring range: 345-800 nm

- Check all important wavelength used by NANOCOLOR® tests

Advanced linearity check

- Three concentrations for a better linearity check. Automatic linearity check for latest spectrophotometers NANOCOLOR®VIS II and UV/VIS II

Improved documentation

- A certificate of analysis including reference absorbances and device-independent target values is included in every box
- Editable device-specific evaluation sheets are available online

Smaller absorbance tolerances   

- Smaller tolerances of the absorbances compared to NANOCONTROL NANOCHECK.

More comfortable programming of LOT-specific data   

- Automatic programming of spectrophotometers NANOCOLOR® VIS II and UV/VIS II with 2D BarCode on the box

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